Mint Tea: The cure for what ails you

mint tea


I don’t know what’s been blooming around here recently, but my body does not like it. My head aches, my eyes and throat itch, and I have a general feeling of “blah.” To make things even worse, I’m one of those special people who tend to have an increased sensitivity to medication, so I try to avoid taking any if I can help it.

Here’s where my obsession with tea comes in. I am a tea fanatic. Black, green, white, herbal… you name it, I love it. I find the ritual of drinking tea extremely calming and therapeutic. The preparation of hot water, the measuring of tea leaves — it all makes for a good time in my book.

With the warming temperatures, you might consider pushing your boxes of tea to the back of your pantry this time of year, but I find that tea very helpful for treating allergy symptoms — I especially love fresh mint tea for this purpose.

Making mint tea from scratch is easy and cheap (my favorite combination!). I have mint growing in a pot on my back porch, so whenever I’m feeling a bit pollinated, I just go outside and cut off a generous portion. Most grocery stores carry mint in the produce section, so even if you don’t have a live source, it isn’t hard to find.


[pe2-image src=”–G5qRALk/s144-o/20130421_145253.jpg” href=”″ caption=”My happy mint plant” type=”image” alt=”20130421_145253.jpg” ]


The preparation for my tea is as follows: Rinse the mint using whatever cleanser you normally use on your produce (I use a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water), and put the mint into your cup. Heat water to just before boiling, and pour over the mint. The hot water releases the oils in the mint on contact, so you will be able to breathe in the soothing vapors almost immediately. The tea is pale in color, but has a wonderfully strong spearmint flavor. I encourage the drinking of this tea on a daily basis during allergy season. Cheers!


[pe2-image src=”–lj1D7-Ig2A/UXR85Lq8ktI/AAAAAAAABUo/OfiPTaeu1MI/s144-o/20130421_145648.jpg” href=”″ caption=”Outside = bad. Tea = good.” type=”image” alt=”20130421_145648.jpg” ]

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