Nars Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret

Nars Digital World

The Nars holiday collection is something I look forward to every year. Nars has always had a special knack for making the old seem new again by combining their artfully designed packaging with fresh combinations of their classic shades and new pops of color. It’s inspiring, really.

However, the majority of the praise should be saved for their holiday pallets and gift sets. Even during the times in my life when I had an extremely limited beauty budget, I would always save it for these special items. They let you own a piece of a brand at a significantly lower price than buying full-sized, separate items.

For their 2014 holiday collection, Nars went above and beyond their normal standard.  The collection as a whole features bright white, laser cut packaging and a focus on white-based brights and deep, pouty jewel tones; however, out of the whole collection, I found the aptly named Nars Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret particularly alluring.

Nars Digital World Set

From the right: Cruella, Yu, New Iberico, Torres Del Paine, and Descanso

The set comes with two  velvet matte shades and three satin. The set is a real bargain, as a single full-sized pencil (at 0.086 oz) will set you back $25, while the set’s 5 minis (0.06 oz each) with collectible box retails at $49.

The velvet matte shades include Cruella (a scarlet red), and New Iberico (an intense, classic coral). To say I love Nars’ velvet matte lip pencils is a vast understatement. It’s rare to find a matte formulation, in a lip pencil no less, that is so long-lasting and yet still feels pleasant on the lips after hours of wear. I love how these colors look as they wear throughout the day — another rarity. Cruella is particularly lovely, starting with a bold finish and fading to a beautiful, even stain. I took this picture after wearing the color through breakfast and several cups of coffee. New Iberico is gorgeous paired with the darker tones I’ve been wearing throughout fall, but I absolutely cannot wait to wear it once spring rolls around.

The satin shades are extremely lovely, though the wear varies a bit more with the colors. You get Yu (a bright, Barbie pink), Descanso (a rosy nude), and Torres Del Paine (a peachy coral) in the set. Yu wears the most like the matte shades, although with a glossier start, fading to a bright, rosy stain. Descanso is the perfect nude for fair, cool complexioned individuals like myself who usually shy away from nudes. Torres Del Paine is the kind of color that begs to be worn by someone with an olive-toned complexion — it was the only shade I found restrictive, the rest of the colors are relatively universal.

Overall this set is a dream. I can see it being a perfect last-minute Christmas gift, or (even better) the ideal thing to use those holiday gift cards on. I know I’ll be looking forward to seeing what Nars offers us next year!

Nars Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret $49.00 at Sephora

Nars Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret

From the right: Descanso, Torres Del Paine, New Iberico, Yu, and Cruella



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